Business Activity and Insights Accelerator (BAI)

Last updated Mon Aug 22 2022

High velocity attach solution providing insights on business initiatives

Faster time to revenue by:

  • Providing visibility and business insights
  • Reduce costs by eliminating wasteful manual processes
  • Workflow automation with forms approval (i.e. rapid sales approval)


Business insights are driving the evolution and growth of every industry more than ever before.

Today’s competitive markets demand that business owners be able to understand, monitor, and react to changing market conditions in real-time and take advantage of opportunities to thrive and disrupt. Business owners are requesting more control over business transactions and visibility.

Today’s integration landscape is complex and transactions often span multiple applications, systems and even multiple middleware/integration platforms.

Businesses today require consolidated, self-service, dynamic, detailed insight – and they need it as it happens vs. after the fact (Opportunity lost, fraud happened, etc).

Boomi Business Activity Insights is designed to provide business owners with the information required to make informed, timely decisions to keep their business performing smoothly.

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