Boomi Snowflake EDI data hub and Analytics by Jade

Last updated Thu Sep 29 2022

Enable your team to easily transfer and access your data in Snowflake with this solution: 

  • Orchestrate EDI transactions with Boomi EDI Management
  • Transform EDI data to readable format & ingest into Snowflake using Boomi Snowflake Integration Connector
  • Create useful dashboards and analytical reports from the EDI data 


Snowflake is an innovative and powerful cloud-based data warehousing solution – but your business also stores data in many other tools, such as NetSuite or Hive. By integrating Snowflake with Boomi, accessing and gaining insights from your data becomes more accessible to your team. This solution leverages Boomi Integration and the Snowflake connector to gather EDI data form several ERP systems, transform the data into readable format and input the data into Snowflake Data. 

Business users can quickly and easily create reports and dashboards from the Snowflake EDI Hub to provide useful insights. This allows teams to understand who their top suppliers and customers are, their inventory capabilities, processing throughput and much more.This solution enables your team to access the data they need in the format they need it, when they need it most. Teams can move faster and provide better analysis of the business status with on-demand access to the data.

Sample Use Case
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