Boomi EDI Dashboard

Last updated Mon Aug 08 2022

Pre-integrated with Boomi EDI, Simplify your EDI process by eliminating the following:

  • Delays due to tracking statuses on purchase orders, shipments, and invoices
  • Inefficiencies in processing large volumes of messages to diagnose blockages
  • Deploying specialized knowledge-workers to interpret and resolve EDI Issues


EDI modernization is becoming key to business optimization and digital transformation imperatives across all industries. Outdated EDI frameworks that are too complex, or require massive planning to upgrade, can no longer deliver the rapid pace and ease of use that modern digital transformation initiatives require. But modernizing EDI, especially in an established environment, is very hard.

Boomi provides a modern cloud integration platform which includes a modern EDI framework that provides pre-built integrations across your EDI and ERP ecosystems and EDI framework. Boomi also has a world-class professional services organization and an extensive SI and GSI partner network. This is critical, as it means you can quickly get help to ensure your design frameworks and architecture align with best practices.

Our EDI Dashboard provides human readable access to correlated EDI documents, giving businesses the visibility and guidance needed for optimizations. It’s out of the box, but it can be customized for your needs. It’s built using the Boomi AtomSphere Platform — which means no third-party components are used. And, it seamlessly integrates with your planned or existing Boomi EDI processes and transactions. In addition to all that, it’s very attractively priced, and comes with implementation and support.


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