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Start Connecting with Google Drive

Easily share and update Google Drive content across key applications. Enable automatic updates to optimize productivity and data integrity.


Start Connecting with Any Application

Use this solution to integrate with any application, expanding capabilities in every area of your business with the HTTP Client connector, Boomi’s most popular and versatile connector.


Connect NetSuite with Shopify

Sync NetSuite data with Shopify in just a few quick steps with this solution. Optimize visibility and efficiency with automatic data updates from this solution.


Start Connecting with Snowflake

Sync Snowflake data with other critical systems in just a few quick steps. Use automatic data updates to consolidate information and produce valuable analytics.


Start Connecting with ServiceNow

Easily integrate your key enterprise applications with the ServiceNow platform for agile connections between ServiceNow and applications such as Workday, NetSuite, and many more.


Start Integrating Updates in Slack

Integrate Slack with business applications like Marketo, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more. Bring critical business updates straight to Slack messages and events to consolidate information and notifications.


Start Connecting with any Database

This solution uses Boomi’s powerful Database connector to connect to any database that hosts your data. Build automated workflows for processes in every area of your business.


Connect Salesforce with NetSuite

Sync Salesforce with NetSuite in just a few quick steps. Use automatic data updates to ensure productivity, and to optimize visibility, agility, and efficiency.


Connect ADP with Okta

Sync ADP workers with Okta users in just a few quick steps. Use employee records from ADP to generate system access from Okta to ensure access across your systems is secure.